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Saddle Back Ranch is the one and only premium, unpastuerized, unhomogenized certified Grade A milk farm in Las Cruces. Our premium raw "real" milk is just that - milk that is all natural, unprocessed, whole, with all of its beneficial probiotic bacteria, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. NEVER pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed), or otherwise altered. Our Jersey cows are pasture fed with organically grown hay and never treated with antibotics or hormones. From our cows udder happiness to yours! Cheers!


Purchase your milk on our website here and pick it up at our roadside self-serve milk shack at 7754 Kissiah Dr. Las Cruces. We update milk availablity on this website daily. For more details click here. Demand for our milk has been high and we sell out quickly. We appreciate your patience as we are currently expanding our herd. Milk subscriptions are now available for a 10% discount. You choose what day you want to pick it up and it will be waiting with your name on it. Call 575-386-2331 to set it up.

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