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About us

Parks Family

We've lived in the Land of Enchantment, enjoyed gorgeous sunsets and delicious food, since 2006. We felt like we found a hidden piece of paradise when we moved here and knew it would be our forever home. When we first came to Las Cruces, we had our oldest 3 children and with each additional blessing, we knew we wanted some space for them to stretch, run, play and work.  We found our piece of property on the East Mesa not too long after and have usually been involved in some type of stretching, running, playing or working since. 

Ryan grew up drinking fresh, raw milk from their family cow and raved about its properties. He believed it was one of the primary reasons their family rarely got sick, were super healthy and happy. I'm sure he even told Heidi (who was not a big milk drinker)  that it solved global warming and was the answer to world peace. He was convinced it was the only way to go. Unfortunately for Ryan, their cow aged and dried up, then we moved away and didn't have a source of fresh milk magic anymore. 

Although we've enjoyed raising Nigerian Dwarf goats and bees at our ranch over the years, it wasn't until recently we felt like we could take on a dairy of our own. Although we've looked into it over the years, we were always deterred with the amount of work, early and late hours and frankly work it would take. It was another child, we were told. Given that we had no shortage of that, we decided to wait... until now. Growing up I was sure the reason parents had children was to do their work for them and since we didn't want our children to grow up with a more correct mindset, we decided to take the plunge.


While not everyone in our gang has bought into the "work is fun" part yet (especially at 4:30 am), they have enjoyed the delicious fresh milk, ice cream and other yumminess these girls have brought to the family. They also really adore the gentle, sweet natured gals. Not only have we spent our family's spare time there, we have seemed to attract a lot of extra friends who want to join in the fun. Who knows, maybe someday they will have stories to tell their own kids of why parents have children. But we're pretty sure they will be the ones telling their spouses just why fresh milk is so great (and why their mom is now a believer, too).



We hope you enjoy our milk as much as we do. 

-The Parks Family