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Cowboy Action Shooting

Want to experience shooting the best revolver of the Civil War era?

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Ya'll come on out now and let's do some real Cowboy Action Shooting! Yes! With real guns and real ammo! Relive the old west where it actually happened! Saddle Back Ranch is located half way between the court house where Billy the Kid was sentenced to hang and Pat Garret's ranch. The Sheriff was gunned down only a few miles from our ranch and a stone etched with a cross (made by his mother) still marks the spot. Although the Wild West now sleeps, echos from the past still reverberate across the desert sands. Cowboy Action Shooting is an exciting activity for ages 12 and up. Wear your cowboy gear (or not) and we'll outfit you with leather holsters, two replica 1873 Colt Peacemaker revolvers, a double barrel shotgun and teach you everything you need to know. Each person will get to speed-draw and target shoot up to 100 times during a 90 min session. The price includes ammunition. Fastest gun wins! Don't forget to speed-draw your smart phone as photo shooting is encouraged as well. Contact us for scheduling.


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